We are a group interested in working with the ‘small’ format film.

Our professional quality 8mm, Super 8, 9’5mm, 16mm and Super16 film scans are ready for viewing, editing on any digital postproduction platform or simply viewing on a home DVD system.

Digitization is done frame by frame, i.e. each frame of film becomes a video frame, this ensures the total absence of flicker in the image and exceptional quality.

To this end, obtaining the highest quality, we have developed our own technology to offer a service in line with professional requirements.

Our telecine system allows for correction of all image parameters: definition, contrast, color saturation, control of red, green and blue lights in high and low, gamma, pedestal, black, clipping highlights, etc. to preserve and even improve the original image when necessary.

Each frame is captured directly on the emulsion side of the film using the highest quality optics.

Our telecine uses a diffused cold light source that ensures that during the process the original material will not be damaged by changes in temperature, or curved due to the heat. This implies that the focus and the lighting of the image will be accurate and uniform both in the center and at the edges of each frame.

Our system captures at a very slow rate, well below the normal playback speed. The slow transport of the film built into a precision system prevents scratches, damage from excessive stress or pulling on the original material.

Standard definition capture uses a three-CCD sensor with a resolution of more than 800 TV lines and digital control of all image parameters.

The image is always scanned using the component signal (YUV).

The high-definition capture is performed with a three-CCD sensor 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution with uncompressed HD-SDI component output.